Digital Arts Practice

Course Description

This practical slot is allotted for the self-directed implementation of the acquired skills and knowledge into digital/interactive pieces. These can take the form of installations, instruments, compositions, environments, apps, games etc.
Students will consult with the relevant faculty for the successful progress of their projects.

Examples of past works are available on the gallery page.

Course Objectives

Students in this course will:

  • gain and use practical knowledge of digital creation processes
  • work hands-on with dedicated tools
  • collaborate in teams
  • do individual research on techniques and problem-solving methods
  • develop a personal style and approach to digital interactive art

Course Structure

This course will be comprised of an orientation, 1 final project proposal, and 1 final project. The remaining activity is self-directed practice.

The grading breakdown is as follows:

  • Final project proposal (25%): to be documented and approved; can be amended later on.
  • Final project (75%): projects can be any digital work that implements the semester's material, as approved based on the proposal. Can be a team project, with individual contributions clearly delineated.

Class Schedule

Week 0: At the initial orientation session, students are introduced to the programme and its faculty, and the semester project guidelines are laid out.

Week 7: Initial project proposals (via email to faculty)

Final: Final Project Presentations.
All materials are due (via email) by the day of the exam. Projects will be graded on:

  • completion of the initial proposal
  • clarity of the oral presentation
  • 1-3 page project report
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