Digital Media Arts

Fall 2018

Instructor - Ioana Mischie / moc.oohay|eihcsim_anaoi#moc.oohay|eihcsim_anaoi

Credits - 5 ECTS

Course Prerequisites


Course Description

This course aims to decode Digital Media Arts (DMA): axiological roots, past and current examples, key figures, key concepts.

Course Objectives

The course is focused on:

  • Defining, identifying and analyzing DMA; discovering the key concepts and the way they reshape contemporary authorship, spectatorship and society;
  • Exploring the theoretical and practical (workflow) nuances of DMA;
  • Analyzing the ethics, philosophy, semiotics, axiology of DMA;
  • Having a cultural background that roots the DMA;
  • Understanding the key concepts of DMA;
  • Exploring key figures that have shaped the DMA;
  • Knowing the specific workflow of DMA projects;
  • Correlating a DMA project with its context;
  • Exploring the crew configurations behind successful DMA projects;
  • Understanding and expressing transdisciplinarity as a core-value.

Course Structure

This course will be comprised of 14 weekly classes and 1 final exam.

Course requirements


Final exam

Details TBA.



Class Schedule

Week 1: Digital Media Art: Definitions, Missions

Week 2: Digital Media Art: Examples

Week 3: Notable Digital Media Artists, Philosophers, Influencers and Practitioners

Week 4: An Odyssey of Typologies: New Media Art, Electronic Art, Computer Art, Internet Art, Telematic Art, Virtual Art

Week 5: Interaction, Immersion and Interface : Key-concepts for understanding DMA

Week 6: Historical roots of digital artistic explorations: photography, video, cinema, visual arts, installation, hybrid forms

Week 7: Historical roots of tech pioneers, tech-artists, tech art

Week 8: Transmedial art: mixing digital with analogue for creating holistic real/virtual performances

Week 9: Coding and Networking: a structural shift

Week 10: Liveness: the sense of presence within the digital art and its preservation

Week 11: Realities as filtered through Digital Art: VR/AR/MR

Week 12: Continuum-based extensions of digital media arts: games, social media, mobile, open-source, web

Week 13: Redefining holistic authorship: from individual ideas towards collaborative user generated content

Week 14: From spectatorship to participation: redefining audiences into collaborators. Sharing DMA and notions of virality

Final: Final exam.

Qualitative Grading Overview


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