Digital Storytelling 2

1. The reference concerts, installations and multimedia/ new media performance shows. The concept behind the show.
2. Ludology versus narratology.
3. Introducing the game concept and fundamentals.
4. Game’s functions and emotions.
5. From analogue games to digital games.
6. Game narratives. Introduction.
7. Game narratives: dialogue and cutscenes.
8. Game narratives: adaptations (boardgames to videogames).
9. Game narratives: adaptations (films to videogames/ boardgames and vice-versa, videogames in theatre and digital performance).
10. Storytelling in video games by genre. Learning the taxonomy of video games and exploring the story through these categories.
11. Platforms for games and interactive applications: characteristics and feature. Knowing about various platforms for applications and video games and about their features.
12. Game as representational medium. Semiotics and Simulations.
13. Small game project exercises.
14. Analysing theoretical concepts by playing.

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