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[Negative Nature]

VR video


Cosmin Tița, Fall 2019

[NEGATIVE NATURE] is a VR experience, an immersion into the fractal art, to create a transition between natural and artificial, positive and negative, concrete and abstract, real and unreal. Programs used: Mandelbulb 3D, MaxMSP, Adobe Premiere Pro.


interactive performance


Octavian Albu, Maria Năstase, Emil Drăgan, Sebastian Comănescu, Nicolaie Prodromou, Sergiu Diță, Fall 2019 link
created in collaboration with French (stage tech & dance) and German (lighting) students for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, in December 2019. Choreography by Natacha Paquignon and aerial inflatable by Frank Fierke.

One day it's going to be too late



Maria Năstase, Spring 2019 link

An interactive train of thought. Stare down your window and dive into your thoughts of environmental concerns. Find yourself exploring the unbeaten paths of ecological ethics. Rumbles of a mad man or our salvation?

Sonic Images

interactive installation


Maria Năstase, Spring 2019 link

Through pixel sonification pictures can be explored as a physical object in and of itself with their respective space and temporal dimensions.


Virtual Reality experience


Emil Dragan, Fall 2019

You are looking down from a great distance. The feeling of fear is present. However, the glass floor stands between you and the abyss. A long bridge opens in front of you. There is no way back. Can you control your mind by telling it is just an illusion?


Augmented Reality experience


Emil Dragan, Fall 2019

Vizual is an interactive and educational AR experience. Through a tablet, the Earth becomes accesible to everyone and well known monuments and attractions can be moved, scaled and rotated.

Vague News

audiovisual installation


Octavian Albu, Spring 2019

Vague News is an interactive puzzle that seeks to empower the user's journalistic insight by making him or her aware of the dichotomy between policy and politics.

Light Pong

interactive light/video installation


Octavian Albu & Dorin Cucicov, Fall 2018
created in collaboration with French (lighting) and German (architecture) students for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, in December 2018

Lightpong is an interactive outdoor installation based on the famous 1970's computer game ‘PONG’. The main focus is to transform the mechanics of the old game into a new interactive and collaborative experience. The game can be played by two players. Each player controls his paddle with a source of light; anything can be used, lighters, smartphone flashlights or LED keychains.

Jupiter in Dialogue

interactive light installation


Maria Năstase, Fall 2018
created in collaboration with French (lighting) and German (architecture) students for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, in December 2018

Jupiter is a light-sound interactive art installation examining power relations between modern people and ancient gods. It uses new technology and humor to explore the oldest dialogue ever known or imagined by art - the one between man and the gods.


interactive video installation


Alina Rizescu & Dorin Cucicov, Fall 2018
created in collaboration with French (lighting) and German (architecture) students for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, in December 2018

Presence speaks, in a playful way, about the matter of truth in the digital era.
The installation provokes the user to discover the two sides of the installation and to be both spectator and performer. A wall of pixels is showing moving silhouettes towards the public from the lower side of the garden, while visitors coming from the upper side are invited to interact with projected shadows.

Ice Breaker

interactive light installation


Bogdan Ceangu, Fall 2018
created in collaboration with French (lighting) and German (architecture) students for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, in December 2018

The Ice Breaker concept focuses on the relationships between people, the movement and the power of communication that dynamically influence the light network. The ice breaks when people interact. The installation changes its light geometry when light sensors detect the passage of visitors. This brings light connections between people present at different points of the garden. Initial Ice Breaker idea by Alina Rizescu.

Out There

transmedia graphic novels


Alina Rizescu & Dorin Cucicov, Fall 2018

Out There is a comic book universe that integrates fictional characters with real world events. It tackles the issues of homeless men by interconnecting multiple stories in a similar context. These stories can be read independently, but they also work together as part of a bigger narrative.

Fictional storyline is sprinkled with disguised links and easter eggs that can be navigated with a smartphone. This transforms the story in a multiplatform experience in which pieces of puzzles are put together by different means, to create a complex narrative. Readers can choose the actions of the characters in some key moments and ultimately decide the final outcome of the stories.

This project consists of two independent short graphic novels that overlap in certain situations, created by Alina Rizescu and Dorin Cucicov.

Begonia and Armando / presentation
Cover Girl / quiz

The Journey

interactive music/animation


Adrian Tăbăcaru, Fall 2018

A real-time score following and coordination study using Antescofo Max external objects. A story about people, a story about the role each of us has.


interactive installation


Alina Rizescu, Fall 2018

Translucent is a generative ephemeral creature that embodies the energy of our movement in space. The interactive installation challenges the users to symbiotically relate with this diaphanous reflection of their body, therefore letting go over control and embracing the natural flow of movement.

Magic Hands

interactive VR experience


Emil Dragan, Fall 2018

This project has the role of combining the experience of playing the piano with immersion in a real-life theater where the sound of piano flaps is accompanied by the music of a beautiful violin.

new Object()

sound device


Dorin Cucicov, Spring 2018 link

A transparent sandbox system built from the ground up with basic electronic components and using simple periodic waveforms or recorded sound as starting seeds for further sound generation. The device has a light sensor built in and a few analog controllers. It is used to set the limit parameters within which the sound is generated. The device is connected wirelessly to a computer.

The Gun

interactive installation


Bogdan Ceangu, Spring 2018

An experiment using arduino proximity and touch sensors which, along with an interactive video projection, explores the chronology of World War I and our moral responsibility in war.


VR instrument


Adrian Tăbăcaru, Spring 2018

Built in Unreal Engine for Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. An interactive VR instrument sends OSC messages to control the sound design in Max.

The Forest

multimedia performance


Adrian Tăbăcaru, Fall 2017

A young boy learns how to sing at the stars.
A promise made by his older sister to teach him how to play an instrument exceeds lifetime borders.

Galaxy Generator

interactive installation


Dorin Cucicov, Fall 2017 link

In a time where science dissipates mystical theories about Universe, new questions arise as humans go deeper in extending their conceivable realities. What is my relation to the Universe? Does the Universe define me, or do I define the Universe? Are we even asking the right questions?

Theodor Aman Museum

virtual tour

Bogdan Ceangu, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Created with the help of the New Media Design programme (photos, stitching), Adrian Tabacaru (music), Bogdan Ceangu (photoshop, text), with conf. univ. dr. Marius Nedelcu, the Th. Aman Virtual Tour takes the viewer through the space of the artist’s house/paint shop. Using carefully placed spatial sounds and thematic routes, the tour combines both detailed text information and speech for 31 pieces of art.

Spatial Emotions AR

animation & AR app

Alina Rizescu, Fall 2017

A visual poem that explores imaginary spaces as a way of expressing emotions.
A trip into one’s mind in order to discover the story behind an illustration using a mobile device.

The Fool

interactive webcomic


Dorin Cucicov, Fall 2017 link

An interactive webcomic about the ethics of bullying.

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