Student Projects Gallery

A showcase of all Digital Arts Practice semester projects by ITPMA students.

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sound device


Dorin Cucicov, Spring 2018 link

A transparent sandbox system built from the ground up with basic electronic components and using simple periodic waveforms or recorded sound as starting seeds for further sound generation. The device has a light sensor built in and a few analog controllers. It is used to set the limit parameters within which the sound is generated. The device is connected wirelessly to a computer.

The Gun

interactive installation


Bogdan Ceangu, Spring 2018

An experiment using arduino proximity and touch sensors which, along with an interactive video projection, explores the chronology of World War I and our moral responsibility in war.


VR instrument


Adrian Tăbăcaru, Spring 2018

Built in Unreal Engine for Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. An interactive VR instrument sends OSC messages to control the sound design in Max.

The Forest

multimedia performance


Adrian Tăbăcaru, Fall 2017

A young boy learns how to sing at the stars.
A promise made by his older sister to teach him how to play an instrument exceeds lifetime borders.

Galaxy Generator

interactive installation


Dorin Cucicov, Fall 2017 link

In a time where science dissipates mystical theories about Universe, new questions arise as humans go deeper in extending their conceivable realities. What is my relation to the Universe? Does the Universe define me, or do I define the Universe? Are we even asking the right questions?

Theodor Aman Museum

virtual tour

Bogdan Ceangu, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Created with the help of the New Media Design programme (photos, stitching), Adrian Tabacaru (music), Bogdan Ceangu (photoshop, text), with conf. univ. dr. Marius Nedelcu, the Th. Aman Virtual Tour takes the viewer through the space of the artist’s house/paint shop. Using carefully placed spatial sounds and thematic routes, the tour combines both detailed text information and speech for 31 pieces of art.

Spatial Emotions AR

animation & AR app

Alina Rizescu, Fall 2017

A visual poem that explores imaginary spaces as a way of expressing emotions.
A trip into one’s mind in order to discover the story behind an illustration using a mobile device.

The Fool

interactive webcomic


Dorin Cucicov, Fall 2017 link

An interactive webcomic about the ethics of bullying.

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